In-Built Diving Systems for Dive Support Vessels

At LEXMAR, the In-Built Saturation Diving Systems we design ensure that the operational requirements of the diving contractor are fully taken into account. Our approach is to combine design engineering from various disciplines with our operational knowledge and expertise, in order to construct and integrate the Saturation Diving System into a Diving Support Vessel.

The leading designers of in-built diving systems

LEXMAR is able to produce high-quality, robust diving systems retaining manual control in Dive and Saturation Panels that also employ the latest electronic technology in critical life support gas analysis, communications, and electronic monitoring and data storage. This ensures that all personnel involved in the diving operations are provided with a high level of safety and assurance. Our ability to deliver superior diving systems is due to our breadth of industry experience and our dedication to working with clients and understanding exactly what their requirements are.

Our in-built diving systems provide hyperbaric life support by producing a hyperbaric environment, where internal pressure is raised to resemble the pressure experienced deep underwater. They also provide internal and external life support for diving, which is vital for maintaining divers with breathing gas and ensuring the chamber’s temperature and humidity remain at an acceptable level.

The most trusted providers of in-built diving systems

LEXMAR is the only producer of in-built diving systems in Southeast Asia, and we supply a wide range of major clients in the offshore industry. Contact us today to hear more about what solutions we can offer to you.


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