Other Products for Divers — Gas Reclaim Compressors and Many More

Aside from our in-built and modular diving systems, we also design and produce a wide range of other individual products. The range that we have available include:

  • Life Support Equipment
  • Diver Gas Reclaim
  • SAT & Dive Control Panels
  • CO2 Scrubbers
  • Combined Heater Scrubbers
  • Environmental Control
  • Potable Water Unit
  • Gas Transfer & Distribution


LEXMAR provides reliable gas reclaim compressors and external regenerators

Otherwise known as a helium reclaim system, gas reclaim compressors are used for recovering helium based breathing gas, recycling it in order to reduce the cost of having to purchase large quantities of the expensive gas. Having a gas reclaiming system in place also means that less precious space on board the vessel is taken up by the storage of breathing gas.

External regenerators are hyperbaric conditioning units that regulate the conditions in the overall saturation diving complex. Situated outside the living chambers, it circulates and recycles gas from compression chambers and maintaining temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

We are the go-to destination for all of your saturation diving requirements

No matter what your needs are, LEXMAR has you sorted. Our many decades of expertise in the developing and producing saturation diving systems has cemented our position as the leading providers of solutions to major clients in the offshore industry. For further information regarding our individual products or our in-built and modular diving systems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch right away.


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