Marieke Barker, Co-Founder and Owner of LEXMAR Engineering and LEXMAR Sat Systems, has more than 20 years of experience in the SAT Systems market, managing the company since its incorporation in 1996. Marieke managed to steer the company through turbulent times and since 2012 runs the company together with Martin Hardy, co-director, Project Director and shareholder with a renewed vision to offer top quality – with integrity – to our customers.

Martin Hardy came to LEXMAR in 2012 bringing comprehensive skills gained from 30 years’ experience in the subsea industry, both onshore and offshore. Martin previously worked in varying offshore roles including surface and saturation Diver, Diving Supervisor, Diving Superintendent, Offshore Vessel Manager and Offshore Clients Representative on various modular and in-built diving systems worldwide. The experience and knowledge acquired in these roles were invaluable in his later positions – Project management, Operations management and General management in Diving Contractor organisations serving the offshore Oil and Gas sector. Martin has been actively engaged in International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Asia Pacific Division for the past 10 years liaising with industry on various issues relating to Diving system design and Diving Operational Safety. As Projects Director for LEXMAR, Martin’s role is multifaceted. The position carries responsibility or projects, project budgets, scheduling, production, installation and commissioning. Projects range from production of standard products, and design and supply of bespoke equipment, to design and build of fully integrated Saturation Diving Systems. Martin holds a Master of Science (Distinction) in Project Management from University of Aberdeen.


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