Over the years, LEXMAR has a developed a unique positioning in the niche market of building Saturation Diving Systems and differentiates itself by delivering with both QUALITY and INTEGRITY to our customers.

  • LEXMAR is the only manufacturer of In-Built Saturation Diving Systems in South East Asia. Our multicultural and multi-lingual team has the ability to bridge the gap in communication and understanding between Asian and Western parties to effectively manage the design, manufacturing and integration of the Saturation Diving System into the Vessel.
  • LEXMAR draws on the extensive offshore Diving knowledge of in-house experts who have decades of experience running offshore diving operations. Equipment is designed reflecting this experience.
  • LEXMAR believes in partnering with our Clients and our Suppliers to supply the most suitable choice of equipment, coupled with sound project management and system integration, to provide a top-class system.
  • LEXMAR has an extensive track record of building In-Built and Modular Systems with Class approval and meeting IMCA guidelines.
  • LEXMAR combines core competencies with the Industry’s best technologies to meet your diving system requirements.

LEXMAR – understanding your needs, meeting your objectives.


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